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At FF Network, we believe in the power of community and the impact that small businesses can have on it.

Our mission is to empower local entrepreneurs by providing essential services that not only enhance their online presence but also contribute to the greater good.

Our Services

Graphic Design


  • Are you just starting? Need help with a logo? We can help at an affordable price.

Starting at $50

Unlimited Flyers

  • Do you constantly need help cresting flyers for events, or your business? We offer an unlimited amount of flyer designs on a reasonably monthly membership.

$100 / month

Web Design

Affordable Web Design with Free Reputation Management and Monthly Support:

Elevate your online presence effortlessly through our professional website services, all-inclusive in a budget-friendly monthly or yearly membership.

This comprehensive package includes;

  • Hosting
  • SSL
  • Website Creation (4 pages)
  • FREE Monthly maintenance, and updates.
  • FREE Reputation Management Feature
  • FREE QR Codes


  • $500 First Month then $30 per month


  • $775 First Year then $300 per year

Any other specific features you wish you website have like, take online payments, book online etc can be discussed for an additional service fee.

If you need assistance to purchase your domain, We are a licensed broker and we can help you register a domain. A .com prices usually start at + $23 per year

EG: www.companyname.com for more info you can visit the following link.

Virtual Business Card and Lead Capture

One Link, Endless Possibilities

  • Wow your prospects with a virtual business card that will help you organize and track your leads!
  • You can either share your link, scan QR code or tap your personalized business card.
  • Track your leads, follow up, get referrals, reviews etc.


$100. to start then $15 per month.


$235. to start then $150 per year.

Google Workspace Setup

Google Workspace Setup

(Business Emails)

Need professional emails? We can helo you set them up with google workspace, we only charge the setup fees, you pay google individually per month or per year per email.


$35 for any additional email.

Shopify Stores

Online Stores

  • Are you looking to have your own Shopify store? We can assist you to design and create your store.

Option 1:

  • $300. to start + Shopify Monthly Fees (No Maintenance)

Option 2:

  • $300. to start + Shopify Monthly Fees, + $50 pe month for Weekly Maintenance (Design, Inventory, ETC...)

Class To Learn To Manage It

  • $100 One time for a one hour personalized class on Google Meet. Recording Provided.

Creation and Optimization of Social Profiles

Social Media Profile Creation and Optimization for Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

If you haven't established social profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Google, we provide an additional service: Social Media Profile Creation and Optimization for Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

$150 one time

Social Media Management

Social Media Management for Facebook, Instagram & Google

We recognize the demands of running a business, and we understand that managing social profiles can be time-consuming. That's why we provide Social Media Management for Facebook, Instagram, and Google. This comprehensive service is designed to boost your following and engagement.


  • $150 per Month


  • $1500 per Year

We also manage Facebook paid campaigns at a separate cost to help you increase exposure to new potential clients and help you increase your sales.

$50 per month +Weekly Spend Budget with Facebook.

Need a Social Media Strategy?: Personally work with our team to reach your growth goals. This services may vary the pricing of our services as well as a small donation fee for consultation and strategy planning.

Take Pictured and Videos for your Social Media Content

Need a hand to capture content for your business? Pictures/Videos

  • Hire me to capture pictures and or videos to have content for your social media content!
  • $50 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

SEO Management

Enhance Your Online Presence with Our Local Listings Optimization Service!

Boost your Google rankings and increase visibility with our local listings optimization service! We ensure accuracy across sources, support mobile apps and voice search, and distribute your listings to hundreds of directories. Keep your business information correct and reach more customers effortlessly. Stand out in search results and grow your business today!


  • $100 per month


  • $1000 per year

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At Foodies Forward Network, our commitment goes beyond business

it's about making a meaningful impact in the lives of those who need it most. When you choose our services, you're not just enhancing your business; you're contributing to a cause that matters. We're proud to declare that 100% of the profits generated from the services we offer stay within our nonprofit organization. These funds play a crucial role in supporting our mission, allowing us to extend a helping hand to seniors who have been neglected or abandoned at senior centers and ensuring that those in need of food receive the assistance they deserve.

With Foodies Forward Network, every business transaction becomes a step toward creating positive change in our community.
Learn More At: www.foodiesforward.org

Community Inclusion

Our Sponsors' Directory

All businesses availing our services are automatically included in our directory, giving you increased visibility within our community. Strengthen your connection with local customers and fellow entrepreneurs.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you don't find our services directly beneficial but still wish to become a sponsor of Foodies Forward, your support will be highly appreciated. Our sponsors are prominently featured on our Sponsors' Directory, creating a mutually beneficial partnership. Rest assured, 100% of the profits are dedicated to assisting those in need.

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